Punjab Water Resources Management
and Development Corporation;

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Punjab State Tubewell Corporation (P.S.T.C.) now Punjab Water Resources Management & Development Corporation (PWRM&DC) was incorporated in December, 1970 with the main objectives of utilization of ground water resources in the State of Punjab thereby providing irrigation facilities to the farmers through installation of Deep Tubewells in the most backward Kandi area of the State which is devoid of other means of irrigation due to deep water table and difficult underground geological formations.

         In order to give further boost to the agricultural production in the State, the work of lining of watercourses was also entrusted to 

Main Objectives

  1. To promote improve, establish, executive, install, manage and administer Tubewells and other minor irrigation projects or enterprises and manufacture spare parts, machinery, tools implements, materials, substances, goods or things of any description which in the opinion of the Company are likely to promote or advance the development of irrigation in the State of Punjab.

  2. To take over from the Government of Punjab the existing system of State owned irrigation and augmentation Tubewells along with connected buildings, assets, works and any of their project connected with the installation, maintenance and operation of the State owned Tubewells with the right and liabilities of the Government of Punjab so for as they relate to such Tubewells buildings, assets, works or projects.

  3. To install new Tubewells for direct irrigation and augmentation of water supplies in the existing or future canal systems.

  4. To undertake the installation and construction of Tubewells and other connected works on behalf of private individuals, bodies institutions, Panchayats, Government companies and corporations in the Union of India.

  5. To engage in the processing manufacture and State of Tubewell equipment accessories spare parts, plants or any other commercial or industrial products connected therewith.