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Water is a precious and limited resource. The increasing stress on fresh water resources brought about by rising demand and growing population is a serious concern. Punjab Water Resources Management and Development Corporation Limited has been incorporated by Government of Punjab as its wholly owned undertaking with objective of development, conservation and management of water in consonance with national perspective of water planning and co-ordination in relation to diverse uses of water. The broad objectives are detailed as under:

  1.  To promote schemes for execution, improvement and Management of Major, Medium and Minor Irrigation projects of enterprises which in the opinion of the Company are likely to promote or advance the development of irrigation in the State of Punjab.
  2.  To promote schemes for construction and management of Canal, remodelling of existing Canal System, Lining of Canals and other connected works on behalf of Govt. of Punjab, Govt. Companies and Corporations in the Union of India.
  3.  To promote schemes for execution and management for recharge of ground water, antiwater logging measures, development of drainage systems, River training works, construction of bunds and embankments and other connected works on the behalf of the Govt. of Punjab, Govt. Companies, bodies, institutions in the Union of India.
  4.  To promote research and development of design techniques of irrigation structures, computerization and creation of data bank.
  5. To enter into any arrangement with the Government of India, Government of Punjab, or any other Government or State or local Authority for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the company for the furthering its interests and to obtain from such Government or Authority or person any characters, subsidies, loans, indemnities, grants, contracts, licenses, rights, concessions, privileges or immunities which the Company may think desirable to obtain and exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.
  6. To direct the management, control or supervision of any Company, association or concern by nominating directors, controllers, supervisors, advisors or otherwise, or to collaborate with any company or association or concern formed for carrying or any manufacturing or other business within the objects of the Company.

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