Main Object

  1. To promote schemes for execution, improvement and Management of Major, Medium and Minor Irrigation projects of enterprises which in the opinion of the Company are likely to promote or advance the development of irrigation in the State of Punjab.
  2. To promote schemes for construction and management of Canal, remodelling of existing Canal System, Lining of Canals and other connected works on behalf of Govt. of Punjab, Govt. Companies and Corporations in the Union of India.
  3. To promote schemes for execution and management for recharge of ground water, antiwater logging measures, development of drainage systems, River training works, construction of bunds and embankments and other connected works on the behalf of the Govt. of Punjab, Govt. Companies, bodies, institutions in the Union of India.
  4. To promote research and development of design techniques of irrigation structures, computerization and creation of data bank.
  5. To enter into any arrangement with the Government of India, Government of Punjab, or any other Government or State or local Authority for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the company for the furthering its interests and to obtain from such Government or Authority or person any characters, subsidies, loans, indemnities, grants, contracts, licenses, rights, concessions, privileges or immunities which the Company may think desirable to obtain and exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.
  6. To direct the management, control or supervision of any Company, association or concern by nominating directors, controllers, supervisors, advisors or otherwise, or to collaborate with any company or association or concern formed for carrying or any manufacturing or other business within the objects of the Company.
  7. To promote, improve, establish, execute and manage Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation schemes on behalf of private individuals, bodies, Institutions, Panchayats, Govt. Companies and Corporations in the Union of India.
  8. To promote, improve, establish, executive, install, manage and administer Tubewells and other minor irrigation projects or’ enterprises and manufacture spare parts, machinery, tools, implements, materials, substances, goods or things of any description which in the opinion of the Company are likely to promote or advance the development of irrigation in the State of Punjab.
  9. To install new Tubewells for direct irrigation and augmentation of water supplies in the existing or future canal systems.
  10. To undertake the installation and construction of Tubewells and other connected works on behalf of private individuals, bodies institutions, Panchyats, Government companies and corporations in the union of India.
  11. To engage in the processing, manufacture and Sale of Tubewell equipment, accessories, spare parts, plants or any other commercial or industrial products connected therewith.
  12. To set up and maintain laboratories, workshop and stores for providing technical guidance, repair facilities and sale of stores etc. concerning Tubewell irrigation projects.
  13. To provide Tubewell equipment or plant and machinery concerned here with on rental basis to any private individual or body or Government Department.
  14. To carry out all kinds of ground water exploration business and in particular to quantify the ground water resources in different areas, arrange for systematic exploration, all kinds of survey works and to search for and obtain .information in regard to groundwater resources and to regulate the installation of deep and shallow Tubewells in the State of Punjab for the development of irrigation and augmentation of canal supplies in connection with the main objects of the Company.
  15. To provide technical know -how, loans and equipment for the installation of Tubewells to the private individuals, bodies, institutions, Panchyats and corporations in the State of Punjab.
  16. To distribute and sell water pumped through the Corporation owned Tubewells to individuals. Panchayats, Companies, Corporations. Governments and other concerns at the rates, terms and conditions determined by the Company from time to time and to realise the charges thereof along with penalties, surcharges etc., if any.